The AI specialists in healthcare insurance

Each year, the healthcare insurance industry loses nearly half a trillion dollars due to Fraud, Waste and Abuse.

Kirontech offers a better way.


With our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence solutions, fraud, waste and abuse are identified at source and inefficiencies are reduced across the board. KironAI is the most advanced and specialized AI solution in the healthcare insurance market, and our proprietary algorithms allow the platform to handle millions of complex claims with ease.

By combining the techniques of AI and our extensive industry knowledge of medical claims data, Kirontech will change the way health insurance works for good.

The Kirontech solution

There is a growing consensus that AI technology has a vital role to play in the future of health insurance, in the elimination of fraud, waste and abuse, the streamlining and reinforcing of risk assessment processes, and in network optimization. But how?

Kirontech works with extensive medical claims data, using machine learning AI to improve the bottom line of insurers, third party administrators and reinsurers, and increase quality of care through better monitoring and management of providers.

KironAI uses dynamic “graph–based” learning, which means it discovers rules and patterns from within the data, rather than simply scanning for pre-specified ones; it observes, learns and adapts to new relevant patterns too complicated for the human eye to pick up. The system is ultra-fast and resilient, designed to learn even from scarce data.


The Kironmed health-focused semantic network is the result of integrating multiple publicly available databases, including 50 million medical concepts and relationships. Combining the technical edge provided by our patented algorithms with the unique domain knowledge of Kironmed allows Kirontech to offer unique insights across a host of challenges in healthcare insurance.

By combining claim, risk and network management, Kirontech provides an AI powered Virtual Insurance Platform.

About Us

Kirontech is based in Cambridge, an internationally recognized technology hub. With a presence in London, the largest centre for underwriting commercial and specialty risk in the world, Kirontech is perfectly positioned to make use of its top technical and domain expertise to address the serious issues which impede the health insurance business today.

But more than anything else, Kirontech is about its people. With its unique combination of skills and expertise, our team works to innovate the healthcare industry through the application of new technology that has already proved its value across many other domains.

The Management Team

Omar Chebli
Omar Chebli

Omar has the right combination of business, finance and tech experience necessary to meet the challenges of his role at Kirontech, bringing people and new ideas together. A highly skilled software developer, in a prior life Omar spent over 10 years at investment banks including Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank, marketing and structuring fixed income derivatives.

Omar holds degrees in engineering and economics from AUB, LSE, and Imperial College.

Tarek Nassar
Tarek Nassar

Tarek has a PhD in Theoretical Physics and 10 years of executive experience working in the City of London at investment banks such as Salomon Smith Barney, Lehman Brothers, Deutsche Bank and UBS amongst others. After his successful banking career, Tarek became an entrepreneur, and worked in Cleantech for 12 years. Kirontech is his second startup.

Tarek also holds patents in material science, nuclear fusion and machine learning.

Rich Sunderland
Rich Sunderland
Chief Technology Officer

In addition to 12 years of platform development and delivery experience, Rich has a PhD in Biologically Inspired Robotics. A keen programmer from an early age, Rich has a passion for decoupled architecture and highly scalable solutions. As CTO, Rich is committed to providing the clear technical vision and fostering the vibrant development culture that are essential for any successful and sustainable product pipeline.

Rich has industry experience in a variety of fields including spatial data and rule processing.

Serge Karaoglan
Serge Karaoglan
Executive Chairman

Serge brings over 30 years of insurance and reinsurance experience to Kirontech. As CEO of Nasco France, he launched many innovative and highly successful insurance ventures. He was quick to identify the growing need for private medical insurance in emerging economies, and later was instrumental in establishing Mednet as the leading managed care service provider, in association with Munich Re.

Serge is convinced that Artificial Intelligence will reshape the future of health insurance.

Tom Nygren
Tom Nygren
Chief Operating Officer

As a software developer and manager with 20 years of industry experience, Tom is intimately familiar with all aspects of technology delivery. Tom is an experienced mentor, passionate about building the right culture with the right people, and ensuring that all parts of the company work together seamlessly to design, implement and market the Kirontech product offering.

Tom's career spans investment banks, manufacturing and telecoms. He holds degrees in Economics (LSE) and Physics (UCL).

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